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There are many questions regarding laser hair removal in the minds of people who want to have body hair and facial laser treatment. In this section we will answer the most important.

These days, laser hair removal has become one of the most popular ways to get rid of unwanted hair. However, the American Society of Dermatologists says that not all unwanted hair is destroyed by laser because some are resistant to laser treatment and others have the ability to regrow after laser.



All you need to know about laser hair removal

Experts in the association believe that in the most ideal conditions, it is possible to recover and re-grow about 20-30% of laser hair. Laser hair removal is one of the many services that there is and should not be, and there are even restrictions or restrictions. So here we have arranged with Dr. Mojtaba Amiri, a dermatologist and faculty member at Baqiyatallah Hospital … about the most important tips and warnings for people who want to have laser hair removal.

Highlights on Laser Hair & Body Loss

Are all people with long hair good candidates for laser hair removal?

No, excess, unwanted or unwanted hair is caused for two hormonal or non-hormonal reasons. If hormonal causes cause hair to grow out, you will not be able to remove any hair without any underlying disease. Hormonal abnormalities or polycystic ovaries cause women to have thick, dark hair in areas of their body that do not naturally have hair. Therefore, such people must first treat their disease and then their hair.

Does that mean people with hormonal problems can’t laser?
Why; however, these patients should also receive drug therapy to relieve their hormonal disease at the same time as the laser. Pharmacological treatment prevents new hair growth and the laser simultaneously kills the created hair. However, laser-free treatment for these patients is just an extra expense.

Laser Hair Removal with Non-Hormonal Permeability?

This condition (hypertrichosis) usually responds well to laser. The lighter and lighter the hair of people with non-hormonal permeability, the more likely they are to be permanently removed.


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