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Nose aesthetic surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery that is performed to repair and correct the appearance of the nasal defects and beautify them, so that while preserving the physiology and function of the nose, its appearance and shape become even more beautiful. Nasal surgery is one of the most common surgeries today, especially in our country.

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Cheap nose surgery

My friend has a half a million nosebleeds and is very happy with the result. Can I trust her doctor?

This cheapness can have many different causes. Occasionally, nasal surgery can be performed by residents at the cost of even one million tomans in Tehran teaching hospitals.

Another inexpensive reason for the cost of nasal cosmetic surgery is to get acquainted with the staff or doctors of some cosmetic clinics. You only have to pay a small sum of one to two million tomans for your nasal cosmetic surgery, which ends up paying for the equipment used in the operating room and the doctor’s confectionery if you are a staff member.

Since nasal surgery is a very sensitive procedure and if it fails to cause irreversible complications, inexpensive procedures are not recommended under the supervision of inexperienced persons.
uitable age for nasal cosmetic surgery?

In nose surgery there is a certain age limit and it is advisable not to do it before a certain age as it can cause problems for people. The age of cosmetic surgery in girls as young as 15 years and in boys as young as 17 years is possible only with full physical and intellectual development and sufficient motivation.

Who should not have surgery?

Plastic surgery and rhinoplasty are forbidden in children, the elderly and those with diseases such as cancer, blood diseases, coagulants and chronic disabling diseases, acute infections, severe mental and heart disease.

Who needs nose surgery?

Almost 27 percent need nose surgery, depending on the person themselves. Causes of crookedness, enlargement or tingling of the nose, deviation of the nose, or nasal appendages.

How Much Does Bone Surgery Cost?

Is the Cost of Bone Cosmetic Surgery Different? Is it higher or lower?

Various factors affect the cost of nasal cosmetic surgery, including the changes that need to be made in nasal cosmetic surgery, the type of nose, the type of nose, having or not having a nasal polyp, etc., given the various factors that affect the cost of nasal surgery. Transitions Can’t exactly say what the cost of bone nose surgery (thin skin but firm cartilage) is.

The cost of a bone nose surgeon may be several millions, depending on the condition of each surgeon. The wages offered by different surgeons may also vary depending on the type of surgery required. This is fair, as more complex operations will require more expertise, skill and time in the operating room.

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